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KCATA Inside Lane
This newsletter served as an employee-recogniton tool, but the KCATA general manager also mailed it to stakeholders (elected officials, environmental activists, disability awareness advocates, business leaders, journalists, etc.) -- in addition to a quarterly publication, Next Stop -- to keep them apprised of the agency's activities. Due to a limited budget, the newsletter was printed in black and white -- with one exception, the issue featuring the new Metro color scheme.   This eight-page publication was published each month. I built the original template for the newsletter, adjusting it about every 18 months. I was responsible for "it all": writing articles (including general manager's column), photography, design and coordination with print vendor.

Each of these is a PDF compiled from scans of hard copies, so the quality of the reproduction isn't as high as I'd like.

Inside Lane -- May 2002

Inside Lane -- February 2002

Inside Lane -- October 2001


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