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During my time (1999-2003) with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA), my primary responsibilities included writing/issuing news releaes and pitching story ideas to the media. But I also wrote some news releases for Jackson County, Missouri, during my first two years (2009-2010) with the organization, and I drafted the one release below for Goodwill while doing freelance work for the non-profit agency during the summer of 2007. CLICK on the links below to view three (3) Jackson County news releases, the one (1) Goodwill news release and five (5) KCATA news releases. I created the templates for both the Goodwill release and KCATA releases.   I draw on my experience as a journalist when writing news releases. During my newspaper career, I received countless releases that were dry as day-old toast and failed miserably to grab my attention. They almost always required doing follow-up, assigning a reporter to make at least a phone call or two. Given that I had a limited staff, as do most news media outlets today, there were rarely "enough bodies" to do the follow-up, so most releases ended up being tossed aside. Therefore, I write releases that are what I call "press-ready." They are fully formed -- and interesting -- news articles that an editor would consider ready for publishing "as is."

Jackson County News Releases

  Goodwill News Release

  KCATA News Releases


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