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COMBAT Canvassing Event

April 23, 2015

This speech was written for Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders for a crime-prevention event.

Mike SandersJust a few days before her own senseless, violent death, Alexi Kane asked her school principal why people would shoot other people—why would they hurt and kill others.

Alexis’ body, beaten and shot, was found here in The Bay Water Park on January 11. She was 14 years old, an eighth grader at Smith-Hale Middle School—just down the road from here.

We are here this evening because we don’t want there to be any more families suffering the anguish of losing a daughter, a son, a brother, a sister, a mother or a father to senseless violence. We don’t want there to be more victims.

Making the streets safer starts with getting those who do violence to others off the streets.

They count on others remaining silent. That silence can cost people their lives. The next victim may be someone you know.

Call the anonymous Jackson County COMBAT Crime Hotline: (816) 881-3662

Last year there were 77 homicides in Kansas City, Missouri—the lowest number in nearly half-a-century. But I think we would all agree, that one homicide is too many.

As part of its mission, COMBAT has begun an Anti-Violence Special Initiative. The initiative funds agencies in our neighborhoods and in our schools that have programs with one objective: reducing violence.

The success of the initiative is dependent on COMBAT having partners like the Concord Fortress of Hope Church, located not far from here, and its pastor Ronald Lindsay. Pastor Lindsay and his church have joined with us to raise awareness about preventing violent and drug-related crime.

Together we can make a difference and make each and every neighborhood in our community a safer place.


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