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In 2007, the Jackson County (Missouri) website was little more than a glorified blog with three posts on its home page and a departments tab. The site consisted of fewer than 50 pages and attracted less than 400,000 visitors per year.

Despite the county's ongoing use of an antiquated content management system (CMS), I utilized my graphic design skills and HTML code-writing ability in 2008 to build not only a new primary county website, but also new sites for the Parks + Rec Department, COMBAT program, Sheriff's Office and Prosecutor's Office. I continued to maintain those sites in this outdated CMS -- often writing code to fix "junk HTML" generated by the CMS -- until 2015 when I designed new county sites and implemented a new CMS.

Website traffic on had exceed more than 2 million vistis per year for six consecutive years.
(Parks + Rec Department)
(Employee Intranet / Access Restricted)

New Jackson County
sites - January 2016 :

bullet I designed the wireframe for each website using Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

bullet I wrote the Request For Proposals and chaired the vetting committee tasked with reviewing bids and selecting new CMS vendor.

bulletI used analytics to chart traffic patterns and determine new navigational structure for main site and employee intranet. (The county did not follow my recommendation to seek public input through focus groups and/or surveys.)

bulletI transferred all "news" content from old site to new site, assuring the county would have these articles for its historical archive.

bulletI also served as the project lead with vendor, CivicPlus, and coordinated content updates/reviews with 19 different departments, the courts and Sheriff's Office.

bulletI developed training program, including approval process, for staff assigned to perform content updates.

Union Station & Science City

When I joined the staff at Union Station Kansas City, Inc. in October of 2003, I was tasked with reinvigorating the organization's two websites: and

The amount of traffic on the two websites increased 300 percent in 2004.

Unfortunately, since I left the Station in May of 2005, both sites have deteriorated significantly, with little attention being paid to style, organization or updating old content and generating new.

However, I am providing here a look at the Dino Lab content I created for to promote the newest and, to date, still the biggest improvement ever made to the science museum. The target audiences for the content were school teachers and moms, for we learned through our market research at Union Station that mothers generally make the decisions regarding the exhibits, museums and events to which they'll take their children.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF-version of the content.


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